Lowrider Art

Lowrider ArteIt comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors. You can find it on cars, buildings, paper, and even women. I'm referring of course to lowrider art, which just so happens to have a few other terms, including: lowrider arte, chicano art, prison art, and even street and gang art. It seems this is a pretty broad style, so what is lowrider art and why is it so popular?

Lowrider art seems to stem from a style of Mexican art, of which some of the more prominent subjects included women, skeletons, roses, and sombreros, along with other mexican culture and clothing. So it's no surprise that Latinos would progress this art to fit with their modern culture. Landscapes replaced small Mexican villages with California suburbs, along with palm trees and classic american cars. This style of art is most prominently known as Chicano art, featuring similar subjects as Mexican art, but with a modern Mexican-American twist.

Lowrider Tattoo ArtChicano art is most commonly murals and pencil drawn graphic art with heavy emphasis on shading and collages featuring numerous subjects. Beautiful women, roses, skeletons, guns, cars, religious themes, and even clowns make up the content of these dramatic scenes. These are all perfect ingredients for lowrider art, because the chicano community is the driving force connecting styles like gang and prison art to tattoo art, graffiti art, chicano art, and of course lowrider art. Each style pulls and draws from each other, tattoos began featuring the Chicano style, which in turn feature subjects with tattoos and graffiti, making for a continuously evolving chicano infused style. Like I said, it's the Chicano community that connects it all, and this community just so happens to love lowriders.

I mentioned before that the Chicano art medium is typically pencil and paper, but there's a better canvas for the artist to express his work. I think you'll agree that a lowrider should be a moving work of art and what could compliment the style better than our Chicano art. The styles have now come full-circle, with lowrider models inked in lowrider art and vice versa, it makes for one beautiful community that thrives on love, family, and lowrider cars.

Lowrider Art
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