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Chevy LowriderLook no further, this is the place to browse or buy Lowriders. My name is Vinnie and my passion is lowriders. I have always loved finding all the newest and hottest rides, whether it be checking out the car show every Friday night, flipping through magazines, or browsing the web. Then I noticed, finding a place that actually has lowriders online can be tough! So I decided to create a site dedicated to one thing, you guessed it, lowriders. This site has deals on lowrider cars, trucks, bikes, and more, all "hand-picked" by me, just call me "the lowrider connoisseur".

That's right, I spend all my time (apart from the cruisin' the street after a tasty barbecue) searching ebay for anything lowrider related and compile them here on my website. You won't find any other site that will make it quicker or easier to find lowrider stuff, take my word for it.

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Lowrider of the Week

Lowrider of the WeekLowriders are a beautiful thing, and we know that purchasing one should be a big deal! That's why we've added our new section: Lowrider of the week. Here you can find the best of the best, so if you're into Lowrider cars, trucks, and bikes, this is the place to find that hot deal. Every week we will update this page with a classic old school lowrider, take a look.

What is a Lowrider?

Now this may seem like a no-brainer, but trust me, there's a lot more to it than just a car that's "low". Lowriders are typically cars and trucks from the 1950's that have a modified suspension making the them as low to the ground as possible. They will often have a hydraulic suspension that allows the car to be raised and lowered by the driver. The Chevy Impala, Buick, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac are some of the more popular lowriders, although most any make from the 1940's to 1960's will generally look great. Want to know more about what makes a lowrider a lowrider? Click here and let me show you the ropes.

Lowrider Car

Lowriders come in many flavors: we're talkin' coupes, pickups, motorcycles, and even newer vehicles are being lowered and pimped out. One of the more interesting trends in lowriders is creating custom lowrider bicycles. I was skeptical at first but I gotta admit, these lowrider bicycles look pretty sweet.

Lowrider WheelsChevy, Cadillac, Ford, Buick, Mercury, Lincoln, GMC, Chrysler, and even Volkswagen are all great candidates to be tricked out. Trust me, I've seen almost every style of lowrider around. And the good thing is, there's always room for more, and I'm here to find them for you.

So take a look around, you may just find that ride you've been looking for. New lowriders come in daily, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back often for great deals on lowrider cars, trucks, bikes, and more...

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